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  • 4/27/04: Two Voting Companies & Two Brothers Will Count 80% of U.S. Election - Using Both Scanners & Touchscreens [the scoop]
  • 5/10/05: Bush re-election 'The biggest crime in the history of the nation'

  • 10/21/08: GOP admits plan to use foreclosure list to challenge voters
  • 10/21/08: Multiple reports in West Virginia of votes flipping from Obama to McCain
  • 10/21/08: Programmer Who Stole Election from Max Cleland Tells How He Did It
  • 10/21/08: Republican Deposition Admits 2004 Election Theft in Ohio
  • 10/21/08: Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
  • 10/21/08: Over 1,500,000 New York State Voters Purged
  • 10/21/08: Head Of CA GOP Voter Registration Outfit Arrested For Registration Fraud
  • 10/21/08: Law Expert: 'GOP challenges look like suppression'
  • 10/21/08: CNN: attacks on ACORN are 'looking like a fraud committed against ACORN
  • 10/21/08: Big programming error in NM found; would have made Presidential votes disappear from straight-party ballots.
  • 10/21/08: GOP tries to purge more in Ohio, Supreme Court says NO.
  • 10/21/08: A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft: Resistance Is Planned
  • 10/21/08: Diebold's new optical scan machine has serious flaw that causes ballots to be rejected
  • Pennsylvania Secretary of State outraged at Republican voter suppression tactics
  • 10/21/08: YouTube, PBS urge Americans to record voting problems
  • 10/21/08: CountTheBallots (CTB) Calls for 'Citizen Audits' on Election Day - Warns of Widespread Fraud
  • 9/16/08: Ohio Voter Caging in Play Despite Secretary's Directive
  • 9/16/08: Widespread Illegal Voter Purging and Suppression Already Underway
  • 9/16/08: Election Observer Arrested For Doing His Job
  • 9/16/08: Palm Beach, FL: 3,500 Votes Lost In Primary Election
  • 9/16/08: Democratic Party Website Still Says Voting Machines Can't Be Trusted, But They Still Haven't Done Anything About It
  • 9/16/08: Three Great New Films Address Election Problems
  • 8/8/2008: Ohio Secretary of State Files Lawsuit Against Diebold
  • 9/5/08: Huge Voter Purge Underway In Ohio: Up to 600,000+ Eligible Voters Could Be Removed
  • 8/08: Eligible Voters Being Purged Nationwide
  • Ohio: 600,000 Eligible Voters Set To Be Purged
  • Palm Beach, FL: 16,000 Votes Lost In Primary Election
  • 8/21/08: Diebold admits programming error dropped votes
  • 7/21/08: Attorneys File to Ropen 2004 Election Fraud Lawsuit and Investigation
  • 7/18/08: Security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election
  • 5/1/08: Cuyahoga County Prepares to Sue Diebold
  • 5/19/08: CA Sec. of State Receives Prestigious Award for Cracking Down on Voting Machines
  • 5/19/08: Voting Machines in New Jersey to be Inspected by Independent Experts
  • 5/19/08: Democratic Congress to Voters: What Election Problems?
  • 4/15/08: Republican Objections Derail Paper-Ballot Reimbursement Bill for Now
  • 4/9/08: New Book Documents Widespread Election Fraud
  • 3/17/08: Voting machine company threatens Princeton University Professor
  • Possible Fraud Uncovered in Texas Primary
  • 2/11/08: 100,000 Votes Go Uncounted in CA Primary Due To Error
  • 1/29/08: Diebold Advisory May Affect All Optical-Scan Machines
  • 1/28/08: Errors blemish S. Fla. voting
  • 1/23/08: RECOUNT STOPPED for "lack of funds." Kucinich writes letter to NH Secretary of State citing discrepancies found in first county recounted, calling for full recount of entire state.
  • 1/21/08: Nashua NH Ward 5 Recount: Machines off by 7.4%
  • 1/21/08: Big problems with NH ballots: State law says ballots are to be transported by state police, but they weren't. And, the ballot boxes had no seals on them.
  • 1/20/08: EMERGENCY BILL Introduced for Paper Ballots and Audits of this November's Election
  • 1/17/08: NH Recount: Machines off by 10% or more in Manchester Ward 5
  • 1/17/08: NH Recount Finds Vote Count Errors
  • 1/16/08: National Election Data Archive: New Hampshire's numbers are 'suspicious.'
  • 1/16/08: New Hampshire recount begins today
  • 1/16/06: Rush Holt will introduce emergency bill to fund paper ballots and audits in 2008 election
  • 1/10/08: Dennis Kucinich requests full recount of New Hampshire primary
  • 1/1/08: New Jersey passes one of the nation's first laws to require audits on elections. [Text of law]
  • 7/20/07: Rush Holt's Election Bill HR811: Read these two articles, in criticism and support:
  • 5/4/07: Official investigation into FL-13 election announced
  • 5/3/07: Observations on HR 811, by Warren Stewart of VoteTrustUSA
  • 4/25/07: 'Hard Evidence' Shows 12-24% More Votes Than Stated in Official Results in FL-24
  • 3/5/07: Newly Documented Evidence of Widespread 2006 Florida Election Fraud
  • 3/1/07: E-voting on trial in Columbus, Ohio
  • 2/7/07: Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 (Introduced in House)
  • 2/2/07: New Florida Governor bans paperless voting machines
  • 1/25/07: Revealed: Diebold uses the exact same key for all the voting machines, and puts the photo of the key on their website... A common key used in filing cabinets that can be easily duplicated, even from the photo!
    Free Press - "Do new Ohio recount prosecutions indicate unraveling of 2004 election theft cover-up?"
  • 1/4/07: A laboratory that has tested most of the nation’s electronic voting systems has been temporarily barred from approving new machines after federal officials found that it was not following its quality-control procedures and could not document that it was conducting all the required tests.
  • Florida congressional election disaster: E-voting machines have lost 18,000 votes
  • 11/18/06: CLEAR EVIDENCE 2006 ELECTION RESULTS WERE MANIPULATED:: Results skewed nationwide in favor of Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes
  • 11/15/06: What does the Democratic victory mean for Election Reform?
  • 11/15/06: Maryland: Democratic Party accuses GOP Leaders of Hiding Fraudulent Ballots, Dirty Campaign Tactics
  • 11/14/06: Counts Still Under Way in 7 House Races
  • 11/14/06: Denver official resigns amid chaos in the Denver Election Commission
  • 11/8/06: Voter arrested for attacking a voting machine!
  • 11/07/06: Widespread voter suppression in Virginia
  • 11/7/06: Voting Nightmare in Denver
  • 11/7/06: CNN: "Hundreds of precincts" affected by "glitches" with electronic voting machines
  • 11/7/06: Vote-Flipping Reported in 7 States
  • 11/5: Diebold whistleblower tells all... ON CAMERA!
  • 11/3/06: MSNBC News: Shocking coverage of the e-voting machines (video)
  • 11/3/06: Big problem discovered with the optical scanners in Ohio
  • 11/3/06: Jon Stewart's comments on e-voting machines (video)
  • 11/3: New evidence from '04: Republican Director of Elections admits that optical scan machines added votes to the system in Ohio
  • 11/3/06: 12 Smart Cards missing in Tennessee
  • 10/26/06: Voting machines already switching votes in Florida in early voting
  • 10/22/06: ABC News: Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections
  • 10/21/06: Diebold source code leaked
  • 7/14/06: Lawsuit Contends Georgia E-Voting is Illegal and Unconstitutional
  • 10/9/06: 61 paged complaint filed against Ken Blackwell - "election fraud, vote dilution, vote suppression, recount fraud, and other violations "
  • 10/9/06: New Robin Williams movie: President wins election by e-voting "glitch"
  • 10/9/06: New problem found with Diebold machines - they lose all data (votes) when rebooted. Computer expert Avi Ruben reports.
  • 10/06: $250,000 Reward For Information About Vote Fraud In The November Election
  • 10/04/06: Mark Crispin Miller: 'Just Say No' to Rigged Elections
  • 10/2/06: USA TODAY: "Don't Trust Diebold"
  • 9/27/06: Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation Introduced into House and Senate
  • 9/24/06: New York Times: Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines
  • 9/24/06: New York Times: The Big Gamble on Electronic Voting
  • 9/22/06: RFK JR's new article exposes possible fraud in coming November elections
  • 9/21/06: Governor of Maryland calls to scrap electronic voting machines and revert to paper ballots [Washington Post]
  • 9/12/06: The video that shook our democracy
  • 9/1/06: Yet another lawsuit! Alleges ballot tampering in 2004
  • 8/06: Election Science Institute: "election system exhibits shortcomings with extremely serious consequences"
  • 8/29/06: Kerry finally charges Ohio 2004 election was not legit
  • 8/22/06: New Zogby poll shows 92% of Americans want transparent elections
  • 8/7/06: Georgia election results contested: legal claim says election results are "meaningless" because there is no paper trail.
  • 7/31/06: Open Voting Founation: "Worst flaw ever found" in Diebold touchscreen machines
  • 7/31/06: Lawsuit filed in California to contest election results
  • 7/31/06: Group identifies new flaws in Diebold evoting machines
  • 7/14/06: Democratic Party says "machines are proven vulnerable," calls for manual recount in San Diego
  • 7/14/06: Georgia Lawsuit Filed over E-Voting
  • 7/12/06 Report: US Chamber of Commerce involved in illegal election "effort to infiltrate local election campaigns."
  • 7/11/06: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. files fraud lawsuit against voting machine companies
  • 6/27/06: Panel of experts find "120 security threats" to electronic voting machines, says "Even electronic systems that use voter-verified paper records are subject to attack unless they are regularly audited."
    Executive Summary | Press Release | Full Report
  • 6/06: Sign the petition for a recount in CA-50
  • 6/06: San Diego County Registrar Admits to Security Lapses Which Would Nullify Legal Use of Systems According to Both State and Federal Requirements
  • 6/06: U.S. House Candidate says "every voter should be outraged"
  • 6/20/06: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. planning lawsuit regarding 2004 election
  • 6/2/06: Voters File Lawsuit to Halt Purchase, Use of All Touch-Screen Voting Machines in Colorado
  • 6/2/06: Complaint filed with Florida's attorney general against Diebold for delivering uncertified voting machines
  • 6/1/06: Rolling Stone Magazine calls for investigation into 2004 stolen election
  • 6/10/06: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone magazine: 2004 Election was stolen, and electronic voting machines are a 'grave threat' to our democracy
  • 5/10/06: Lawsuit against AZ Sectretary of State regarding e-voting machines
  • 5/8/06: New security hole found that affects ALL DIEBOLD TOUCHSCREEN MACHINES
  • 4/12/05: Lawsuit against Pennsylvania Secretary of State
  • 4/13/06: Indiana Sec. of State Announces Hearings, Subpeonas, Possible Fines against ES&S Voting Machine Company
  • 2/06: Electronic voting machines headed to the Supreme Court. Read the official lawsuit here
  • New study at Berkeley confirms beyond doubt: Diebold voting machines can be rigged without any means of detection
  • Moscow Times: "The fix is in for 2008"
  • 3/29/06: Florida Attorney General subpoenas voting machine companies
  • 3/21/06: HOT! Citizens file lawsuit against CA Secretary of State to block certification of Diebold machines
  • 100,000 errors found on Palm Beach County voting machines. More on this here.
  • Governor of Maryland 'No Longer Has Confidence' in Diebold
  • New Mexico lawsuit goes forward
  • Maryland elections were illegal according to state law
  • Patriotic man facing charges for blowing whistle on Diebold
  • Under pressure in Alaska, Diebold agrees to a limited view of their central tabulator code. Bev Harris comments.
  • Diebold machines produce more votes than voters in Ohio, resulting in re-vote.
  • New information about Diebold's convicted felon who wrote the vote counting software code, including evidence he may have written some of the code while still in prison
  • 2/06: Volusia County FL: new evidence shows manipulation of vote counts, memory card errors
  • The Case for Fraud
  • John Kerry raises concerns about electronic voting systems
  • Diebold machines fail all 10 security tests in CA; Sec. of State refuses to certify. Another article on this here.
  • Diebold CEO resigns
  • Diebold faces stockholder suit
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation suing Diebold for evading transparency law in NC. Another article on this here.
  • New documentary film on 2004 election released
  • Election Justice Advocate announces bid for Ohio Governor, will oppose Blackwell
  • Leon County FL bans Diebold machines because of security problems. Another article on this here.
  • Law Firm announces class action lawsuit - Diebold security fraud
  • New SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE that Ohio 2004 was stolen. Read the full report.
  • New book by NYU professor examines the fraud that took place in the 2004 election
  • "Election Justice Kits" now available
  • Computer security expert exposes problems with voting machine security testing
  • Bi-Partisan Co-Sponsors of Election Reform Bill Cite GAO Report on E-Voting Security in Letter to House Colleagues
  • Electronic voting still has problems, critics
  • Election Day 'Meltdown' Reported in Lucas County, OH
  • CA Sec. of State promises "hack test"
  • What is wrong with this picture?
  • 11/3/05: New Mexico Law Suit Delves Inside Voting Machines
  • 11/05: Kerry admits the 2004 election was stolen
  • 11/05: Video shows Diebold knew of defect in central tabulator
  • 11/05: LA Election Official Connie McCormack exposed
  • 11/05: Strong evidence of fraud in the 2005 Ohio elections
  • 10/30/05: Government Accountability Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings Official report here.
  • 5/18/05: The Strange Death of American Democracy
  • 4/15/05:The silent scream of numbers
  • 9/23/05: 2004 Election Theft: Another PhD weighs in
  • 7/05: None Dare Call It Stolen
  • Brad Friedman Reports
    Ernest Partridge Essays
  • Something Rotten in Ohio, by Gore Vidal
  • 2/14/05: Ohio's Odd Numbers [Vanity Fair]
  • To Believe Bush Won, you must also believe [pdf flyer]
  • 2004 Election Fraud Summary [pdf flyer]
  • What the election challenge means [free press]
  • New movie about voter fraud: Electile Disfunction [buzzflash]
  • A brief introduction to the facts.
  • A summary with many links to other articles
  • Why We Must Not "Get Over It" [crisis papers]
  • Another summary/introduction from an anonymous emailer.
  • 11/29: How To Take Back A Stolen Election by Thom Hartman [Common Dreams]
  • Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election [op-ed news]
  • Evidence is mounting that the 2004 presidential election was stolen in Ohio.
  • I smell a rat [Zogby]

  • 6/17/05: California -- Call rises to 'dump Diebold'
  • 5/6/05: National Election Reform Conference Inspires Attendees
  • 4/24/05: Carter Gets It – But Will His Electoral Commission?
  • 4/9: Kerry speaks out about Republican shenanigans in last election
  • 4/8/05: The Big Fix
  • 3/24/05: State elections officials across the nation are being pressed to change to touch-screen voting machines
  • 3/8: My letter to Vermont Public Radio and NRP
  • Did lawyer-observers on Election Day miss fraud incidents? [Nashua Telegraph]
  • 11/12: Don't give up hope: Electronic voting irregularities could still swing election to Kerry [Portland State Daily Vanguard]
  • The Perfect Election Day Crime
  • Bush Faces Mounting Allegations of Widespread Fraud in 2004 Election
  • 11/11: My commentary: got a call from the New York Times today.
  • 11/10/04: We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud [Zogby]
  • 11/08/04: Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster [Truth Out]
  • 11/06/04: Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked by Thom Hartman
  • 11/05/04: Should America Trust the Results of the Election? [Washington Dispatch]
  • Kerry Won. Here are the Facts. [Greg Palast, BBC reporter]
  • Electronic Voting and the Legitimacy of the 2004 Presidential election
  • Patterns of Touchscreen Voting Machine Vote Fraud
  • A Program To Restore Election Legitimacy
  • Prove my vote counted
  • 12/16: Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed [truth out]
  • Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election' [common dreams]
  • Revote? If Florida and Ohio go first
  • Something is wrong in America [San Diego City Beat]
  • History of Election Fraud
  • Election Reform by Jim Fox, civil engineer
  • 9/23/05: Analysis: problems with the Carter-Baker report
  • Investigations, Evidence
    Name Description Link
    Green County OH Greene County 2004 Recount Irregularities Detailed Under Oath by Recount Worker
    In a 4-page declaration under penalty of perjury, Ohio 2004 recount observer Evelyn Roberson -- a retired election official from California -- has detailed irregularities in the conduct of the recount in Greene County, Ohio, including
    -operation of, and "clearance" of, the tabulators prior to the recount observers's arrival, by Brett Rapp, president of Triad, the manufacturer of the tabulators;
    -non-random selection of the precincts to be recounted;
    -leaving the balltos in stacks on a table rather than in sealed containers, as required by Ohio law;
    -seating of the observers so that they could not see the ballot punches;
    -the failure of the 'readers' and the 'markers' to be looking at the same ballot at the same time;
    -the absence of any display of the sample ballot;
    -the failure to show the observers the sheets in which entries were being made;
    -the failure to place the punched cards against a colored background to enable the observers to have a clear view of the holes;
    -the failure to conduct a full hand recount after a discrepancy did materialize;
    -handing the ballots to Mr. Rapp for a machine count;
    -the officials directing the observers to leave the building during a lunch break, and then during that 'lunch break' having started a machine recount without the observers present, when a hand recount was mandated by law in any event;
    Hocking County OH In this sworn affidavit, election official Sherole Eaton describes her observations of a Triad employee who came to her voting district and manipulated the equipment before the recount. The Triad employee then gave her instructions on how to cheat in the recount and ensure that the recount number matches the original count exactly. Link
    Monroe County OH Recount observers report that the hand count was not randomly selected, and that the hand counted precinct did NOT match the original count. According to law, this should have caused the entire county to be recounted by hand. However, this was never done. Link
    Clermont County, OH Sworn Affidavits: Several recount observers have signed sworn affidavits stating that they saw widespread election fraud during the recount. This includes observed white stickers on ballots. The white stickers were observed on top of the ovals where voters had marked their vote for John Kerry. The recount observers saw this at multiple locations. The sticker would cause the ballot readers to not register the vote for Kerry. Also described in these affidavits are how the hand-count portions of the recount were not chosen randomly (as required by law). And, observers report that they were not allowed to watch the recount, also required by law. Link
    Clint Curtis Computer programmer Clint Curtis provides his sworn testimony that while he was working at a software company in Florida, he was instructed to write a vote-rigging program that would cause the Republican candidate to win. Curtis has testified before the House Judiciary Committee and has passed a polygraph test. More information on his story here. Link

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