West Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:19:41 PST
I've been a pollworker in Broward County, Florida for a number of years and have worked in many elections. As a citizen, and someone with a B.S. in Computer Science, I've been greatly concerned about the accuracy of electronic voting machines. Having worked with computers for decades in my own business, I know how vulnerable they are to both incompetence and tampering. So I always do everything I can to cross check and verify the numbers in my precinct, and the numbers in this election do not add up.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}553 people voted on the machines in Precinct 11R, but the machines only registered 536 votes cast. I tried to reconcile the numbers on election night but I could not, and this disturbed me greatly, but I thought perhaps I was just confused by all the variables because of the affirmations, provisional ballots etc.


If you need more information or clarification about my experience in the precinct, or if there is anything I can do here in Broward County, please let me know. It is very clear that the votes in my precinct were not counted accurately in this election, and that is unacceptable.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}I will also be submitting this information to, Greg Palast and through the forms on their respective websites. If there is anyone else I should send this information to, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate confirmation that you have received this information, as I understand your website and others are being frequently sabotaged by hackers at the moment.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Thanks for all you are doing so we can determine the actual results of our election!{cr}{newline}

WEST PALM BEACH 2004-11-02 14:38:49 PST Optical scanning machines are not working properly in Precincts 219, 532, and 628. Paper ballots are being accepted in a Emergency Slots. According to election official, these ballots will be counted at the end of the day and will be treated as regular, not provisional, ballots. We believe that these counties use an optical scan ballot tabulation procedure.

Brandon 2004-11-05 07:21:03 PST Would not activate democratic party on machine

Brevard 2004-11-02 06:54:24 PST Voter was voter 52, after his vote, he was still voter 52. He is concerned his vote didn't count.

Brevard 2004-11-02 06:52:19 PST Optical scanning machines are not operating properly in precincts 219, 532, and 628. All are accepting paper ballots in emergency slot. It is rumored that machine in precinct 628 needs a new battery. Machine in precinct 532 has been down for 1hr and 25min, and counting. Caller informed me that all precincts in Volusia County use an Optical Scan voting tabulation process.


Brevard 2004-11-02 06:39:41 PST Problem 1, Precinct 71: When voter went to machine to vote, the screen stated Last vote, not counted. Screen was then erased so that voter could vote, but caller was worried that action was not taken concerning uncounted vote.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Problem 2, Precinct 150: Registered democratic voter was given Republican ballot by voting machine. Unknown whether problem was fixed or not.

Broward 2004-08-31 05:23:06 PST had always voted at same place-says on card to go there(jewish temple polra)- went, but not on list- told to try another jewish temple-9085 hagan ranch road boyton beach- on list this time- went to vote but senate race was not on list (on electronic screen)-judge, sheriff, election official, county commissioner- 4 options- NEVER senate- showed party affiliation when he checked in-

Broward 2004-08-31 08:51:48 PST Voter put card in machine. Machine froze up and would not work. Voter workers could not fix it. Voter given new card and voted on different machine.

Broward 2004-08-31 13:21:35 PST Man called on behalf of wife: wife expereineced problems while voting on computer machine; while attempting to vote she came to a particular screen that would not indicate that it had accepted the information that she had just checked/voted. She made 3 attemps to make the vote but ultimately the computer displayed error message, then, the poll workers instucted her to click on the next button. even though the vote did not seem to get tallied and the error message was displayed, after which the vote was tallied upon hitting the next button. The voter feels that based on his 25 years exp with computers there is high probabity that the last vote his wife casrt was not tallied. Wants uis to call if any question regarding computer problems

BROWARD 2004-08-31 15:16:28 PST Voted early (1 week ago) but after she hit the "vote" button, the screen went blank. Showed this to an election official, but no explanation was offered.

Broward 2004-10-20 15:22:08 PST Optical scanner not working just discovered and not counting votes

Broward 2004-10-18 07:52:22 PST Voted by paper ballots, machines down ... followup call first to verify voting on paper ballots, 200 people watiing on line. Dispatched attorney to make sure paper ballots offered, seek replacement machines and lengthen time polls open.

Broward 2004-10-19 12:56:57 PST Machines down - attorneys dispatched ... see case no. 029450

Broward 2004-10-21 13:56:58 PST Voter was #52 to vote on the voting machine and then noticed that the next voter was also recorded as #52 on the machine - so he is not clear that his vote was recorded.

Broward 2004-11-02 07:04:28 PST Only machien that counts ballots was not working. Never happened to this voter before. Voter voted on paper ballot but feels like it will be put aside and not counted. The machine isn\'t notifying voters of under or over votes.

Broward 2004-11-03 12:51:19 PST Problem w/ the AccuVote machine. The shaded portions of the ballot are such a light pink that the voters have a hard time seeing the corresponding ovals.

Broward 2004-11-11 14:29:14 PST Voter received the incorrect ballot/should have received a republican ballot but received a democratic ballot instead. Also there was no person there to assist with Spanish

Broward 2004-11-12 14:19:31 PST caller said that voter had a problem with machine discrepancy - machine # 282208. Poll worker validated the malfunction. Voter is a registered democrat but could not vote for the senatorial race because it did not show on electronic machine. Caller also noted that outside the precinct, there was a tally tape showing Zero ballots for precincts.

Broward 2004-11-01 13:57:58 PST Voter couldn\'t find the right oval to darken on the AccuVote ballot.

Broward 2004-11-02 06:51:13 PST Machines weren\'t working in 10F and despite the fact that the county has 40 roving technical experts, no one went to check it out.


Broward 2004-11-02 14:18:23 PST Wanted instructions on how to use electronic voting machine

Broward 2004-11-02 15:22:19 PST Two reports of problems:{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}1) Voted on August 25th or 26th during early voting. Used DRE. Poll workers originally had problems getting access cards to work with the machines, but eventually resolved. More seriously, she isn\'t convinced that her vote was counted. After she pressed the vote button on her machine and left, a poll worker came after her and told her that her vote hadn\'t registered. Then another poll worker said that she thought it had. Voter wasn\'t sure. (This took placfe at a public library polling place at 835 NE 132nd Street.){cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}2) More seriously, in the earlier (March?) primary, voter had serious problems with DREs. Said that the summary page did NOT reflect who she had voted for, and that she couldn\'t figure out how to change it. Poll worker tried to help her change her vote but could not figure it out. Voter was forced to submit her ballot that reflected choices that she did not want to make. (This took place at Miami Park Elementary (Precinct 241), 2225 NW 103rd St.)

Broward 2004-11-02 15:31:08 PST He has never voted using the electronic method. He was scrolling down to look for the candidate (he wanted to vote for Candidate #94) and the red light began to flash. He asked a poll worker for assistance and was told to press the button. He did so and after doing so, realized that he lost the opportunity to vote for Candidate #94.

Broward 2004-11-02 15:53:55 PST Couple voted for Kerry -- when confirmed vote, came out Bush. Called in eleciton poll supervisor, who got same result. Continued to use machine.

Broward 2004-11-02 15:59:23 PST Machine crashing 3 times while in line. Could use tech support.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:41:26 PST Andrea called to pass on anecdotal information that this happened; she has no first-hand information...voter machines would select wrong candidate when voter selected J. Kerry - G. Bush would be selected.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:49:53 PST At close, counted 1003 electronic votes with 1015 total voters.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:53:55 PST Poll workers are pressing the wrong precinct number. Pollworker entered wrong precinct # for assisted voter. Voter's helper caught the error and when she brought it to the attention of the pollworker, he said it did not matter. The voter's aid said it did sa the voter's correct ballot would not be available.

Broward 2004-11-10 09:07:10 PST Woman tried to vote four (4) times when she reviewed selections it kept saying she hasn't voted for President.

Broward 2004-11-10 09:21:09 PST At the end of election day the count was 710 signatures, 712 electronic votes and 1 provisional ballot.

Broward 2004-11-10 09:49:56 PST Voter concerned because voting machine 640 broke down.

Broward 2004-11-10 09:58:33 PST Voter's review screen did not accurately reflect her choices after voting. The voter reported the problem to the EP Poll Monitors at her precinct. It is not known, but assumed that the voter was able to correct and cast her ballot with her correct choices.

Broward 2004-11-10 09:57:22 PST After voting, checked red button to review ballot & system went blank. Re-voted and now unsure if ballot counted. Returned later in the day to speak with poll worker.

Broward 2004-11-10 10:11:03 PST When voter pushed button for Kerry, Bush came up on the screen.

Broward 2004-11-10 10:26:49 PST Didn't have school board issue. This is the 2nd person in the last 20 minutes to say the same thing. Please look to look to past claims this morning of missing issues on the ballot.

Broward 2004-11-10 10:37:38 PST Several of the voting machines are plugged together with only one plugged into wall. Power surging & flickering. Official wanted to unplug about 1/3 of machines (3 or 4 out of 8 total). Supervisor of Elections troubleshooter still there. EP Tech Support needed.

Broward 2004-11-10 11:25:54 PST Brian Chappel state that i machine was down for 30 to 45 minutes while he was withing the facility and a second machine was down intermittenly. Nakia Bailey claims that one machine was up and down during her stay in line within the facility. Two other individuals mentioned some machines seemed to be faulty, or had problems.

Broward 2004-11-11 06:39:50 PST In precinct 249 we are getting reports that voters are pushing Kerry button, but Bush keep's coming up.

Broward 2004-11-13 10:37:11 PST Voter attempted to vote for Kerry and ballot showed vote for Bush instead; she left poll; she tried to clear it and it wouldn't clear; so she cast vote with Bush instead showing.

broward 2004-11-02 15:12:31 PST Caller reported second hand incident of acquaintance voting on electronic voting machine and witnessing the wrong presidential selection being made on the review screen. The voter had to go back multiple times to fix problems.

Broward 2004-11-02 15:19:10 PST Caller's mother was early voting, and the machines were down for 20 minutes. It took her an hour to vote. Some people in line left when they heard that the machines would be down for 20 minutes. (Caller's mother stayed.)

Broward 2004-11-02 15:36:10 PST (Bay area woman down in Orlando,
Florida working for the People of the American Way). Third person report of excessive republican vote count in predominately democratic area with electronic voting machines and no paper trail. Votes for Senator are the one in question. She is requesting a Tech watch person be deployed to Lake County and that poll workers instructed to disconnect their modems. She suspects voter machine tampering.

Broward 2004-11-02 15:42:04 PST Caller stated that the zero tape had a November 17, 2004 date on it. Additionally, she stated that the Tamarac library polling location was understaffed and had a two hour wait.

Broward 2004-11-02 15:49:25 PST Caller stated that when she went to early voting, that an individual was charged with responsibility of demonstrating voting machines was giving inconsistent instruction to different people using these machines. She also stated that not all of the machines were the same and as a result, the instructions did not apply in all cases. This took place at the 832 NE 132nd St. polling station.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:09:05 PST zero tape not in machines.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:07:53 PST Caller is a resident of an assisted living facility who will vote in her building. She is concerned that the voting machine should have a way to print out a paper ballot after she votes, to ensure that votes can be recounted if necessary (a la Election 2000).

Broward 2004-11-02 16:12:45 PST A friend of the caller was attempting to cast a vote for Betty Castor (democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Florida) when the machine brought up names of only Republican candidates. This happened 3 times.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:19:08 PST Woman went to vote and used electronic voting machine. The two presidential candidates' names came up on the screen, Bush was first and Kerry second. She said she carefully clicked on Kerry but the check mark appeared next to Bush's name. She called someone over to help her and that woman told her to check on the mistaken check mark and it would remove the check mark. Then she could try again and check on Kerry's name. She did and it worked the second time. She was concerned that it took her two times to get her vote right.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:19:57 PST Voters selected Kerry and machine recorded Bush

Broward 2004-11-02 16:51:09 PST Says brother told him he voted for Kerry on electronic machine and machine recorded vote for Bush.

Broward 2004-11-02 16:54:33 PST Voter said that she was using electronic voting; she had not problems until she reached elections involving her local district; The voting opitons for the wrong district were displayed; poll worker told her it was not possible, but she checked her paper when she got home and verified that the wrong district had been displayed; she was not able to get through to the supervisor of elections

Broward 2004-11-07 09:28:00 PST caller, a volunteer poll watcher, reported that three people complained that their vote for Kerry, had shown as a vote for Bush, after they reviewed their ballots.

Broward 2004-11-07 10:18:41 PST Poll worker told voter and friend he had to use paper clips to take electronic machine apart and reset.

Broward 2004-11-02 10:35:49 PST The electronic voting machine did not function correctly. The voter placed her vote for president and when she confirmed the vote for president a different name came up (Harris). The poll assistants were able to correct the mistake and the voter was able to vote for the correct candidate. Her final vote was for the correct candidate.

Broward 2004-11-02 11:09:15 PST Caller voted for a presidential candidate, but when recap showed up it showed the incorrect presidential vote (she voted for Kerry and it showed up as Bush). She got a volunteer to help her, but wanted to file a comlaint.

Broward 2004-11-02 13:04:54 PST Certain candidates are not on the ballot,Congresswoman Wasserman and School board Koznispsky.Has spoken to her friends and they did not have them on their ballots either.

Broward 2004-11-02 13:32:54 PST Not enough voting machines; one machine is not working & one is used for demonstration. Staffer at dept't of elections office says she's requesting more machines, but not sure if she can get any. Policy is that only go to paper ballots if ALL machines are broken, or if supv of election approves it. Agrees there's a very long line; the're going to hand out numbers so people can walk away and come back a bit later.

Broward 2004-11-15 08:21:46 PST Voted Democractic on electronic machine and it kept coming up Republican.

Broward Co 2004-10-31 12:55:58 PST Scanner is not working, put the ballots under the scanner it wont let voter check to see if the scanner will be fixed.

Broward County 2004-11-02 09:42:44 PST Scanner is not working, told to put ballots in bin.

Brower 2004-11-05 11:20:17 PST Scanners are broken since 7am; vogters are dropping ballots in black box and leaving. Voters told votes would be scanned later.

Dade 2004-08-31 10:04:17 PST observed voting machine not working, however, election person was trying to be helpful. Caller himself didn't have problem.

dade 2004-08-31 15:19:19 PST machine was not working and voter is concerned that her vote was not counted

Dade 2004-08-31 15:04:50 PST There are only 5 machines. the wait in line is 4-6 hours about 400 people waiting. May have given out tickets when polls closed to determine who could vote.

Dade 2004-10-25 05:56:43 PST Light bulb on machine went out; she thought it was a "time limit' so ended voting; they fixed it; she thinks it's ok, but wanted people to know no time limit (I told her no limit.)

dade 2004-10-27 16:00:23 PST Caller states that some ballots were being run thru optical scanner, while others were not, heard poll worker state that they're not scanning all the ballots because that would slow down the line. This didn't make sense to caller; if that's the case, why scan any of the ballots?{cr}{newline}

Dade 2004-10-28 12:29:15 PST Caller voted using electronic voting machine. While casting her votes, the machine was fine. At end it summarized vote; card came out of machine and then on the computer screen, an error message appeared, "Vote save error #1; use the back-up voting procedure." {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}She asked a polling official, a gentelman at the door, and he didn't know what to do -- he got a woman who seemed to be in charge and she said "I know what it means -- It means it didn't count your vote." She reached the machine and turned it off. So she rebooted machine. Then they gave her a new card and she voted. She called because of concern about others voting with machine.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Voting machine was the first machine on the left. When rebooted, said something like "37 counted". She wonders whether all votes on that machine were counted.{cr}{newline}

Dade 2004-11-02 06:56:05 PST Suspected problem: In Tampa, cards to start up machines given to voters who then cast their ballots. One voter states he dropped his 'card' in box when he finished voting. In Miami, poll workers activating machine for next voter. Voter wants to know: which is correct? (Presumably voter knows this because he voted in both jurisdictions - ??){cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Miami FL - Dade Co - Precinct #801{cr}{newline}Tampa FL - Hillsborough Co - zipcode 33619

dade 2004-11-02 19:50:13 PST Chose candidate of choice and machine chose a candidate in another sectonas well. Was able to fix it, but wanted to let us know.

Dade 2004-11-02 09:09:03 PST Voter says touch-screen machine was touched for his choice for presidential candidate, but it registered a vote for the other candidate. Voter called attendant who fixed the problem (?).

Dade 2004-11-02 10:14:08 PST

dade 2004-11-02 06:04:33 PST Everyone voted on paper ballots. One machine, but broken. Filled in circles with pencil. Ballots put in one box on side of the machine.

Dade 2004-11-30 07:40:49 PST Person is reporting that someone he knows voted for Kerry using touch schrren machine but the summary of the vote showed that he voted for Bush.

delrey 2004-11-11 13:55:09 PST Told her the electronic voting machine was broken (scanning piece). Instead of paper going way normally, had to load paper in a different way.

Duval 2004-08-31 05:34:13 PST Counter box would not accept paper ballots. Oval fill-in ballots (paper). Pollworker said to stick ballots in locked side of box or wait for someone to fix machine. 50-100 people affected.

Duval 2004-08-31 05:58:55 PST Voter voted for Kerry; when she reviewed the ballot it showed that she voted for Bush. Poll worker said that has been happening to many others.

Duval 2004-08-31 06:55:26 PST Given instructions different from other voters. Concerned that vote did not register.

Duval 2004-08-31 15:00:31 PST Only seven voting machines, election officials admists they need at least 12. No waiting area for people, parking lot not paved and people are standing in a cow pasture getting their shoes dirty.

Duval 2004-08-31 15:09:35 PST Counter on machine read 809 when she entered (checked on purpose). Didn't move when she entered card. Poll worker said it did advance, but she didn't check.

Duval 2004-11-02 08:52:00 PST When she went to vote, she was given two cards to take into voting booth; subsequently, voting official watched her place materials in box. She believes that this voting official could discern for the voter cast her ballot for president. The materials went into electronic machine very slowly and face up.

duval 2004-11-02 16:04:53 PST Voting machine won't accept ballots; poll workers are handing out ballots for the wrong precinct,(precincts 48 and 52 are co-located and workers are mixing up ballots so boter from #48 are getting ballots for #52 and vice versa).

Duval 2004-11-02 16:14:21 PST Caller states voters are having trouble with machines, because when you finish voting, you have to push the button saying 'vote', but are not doing so. We know this is happening because next voter does not come up to a clear screen. Voting officials should be reminded to remind voters that they must push the 'vote' button for their vote to tally.

Duval 2004-11-02 17:30:56 PST
Duval 2004-11-13 12:13:07 PST
Duval 2004-11-13 13:47:23 PST

Duval 2004-11-15 07:39:16 PST At polls, they only have 10 machines. Caller remembers that there used to be at least 14 machines at this station the last time she voted.

Duval 2004-11-15 11:57:17 PST machine malfuntion. workers not well trained.

duval 2004-11-13 13:29:25 PST Compter crashed at 7. Came back at 9. Slowing process. Taking 30 min. per voter. People are leaving.

Duvall 2004-08-31 05:31:10 PST Caller is concerned that voting machines are illegitimately discarding votes for Kerry. Believes electronic voting machines are rigged. Believes some initiatives are displayed along partisan favoritism. Entire development is pro-Kerry, landloards are all Bush supporters.

Duvall 2004-11-15 06:41:16 PST Two voting machines broke (optical scanners) and official told voters to deposit ballots in a metal box for later counting. Voter was concerned that ballots would not be counted.

Escambia 2004-11-15 12:47:55 PST Computer scanner at polling location failed. Voters tried to wait for machines to come back up but were treated rudely by poll workers. Ballots were placed in a box and voter was not able to determine/confirm that ballots were/would be scanned.

Florida-Miami 2004-11-02 08:58:41 PST Local candidate didn't show up on electronic voting machine. she was wearing the button for her local candidate and thinks it may have been purposefully omitted.

Gadsden 2004-11-02 07:08:44 PST Machines are down - stuffing ballots in the voting boxes

Hillsborough 2004-11-11 12:34:47 PST Election machines are down -= people are being turned away

Hillsborough 2004-11-05 09:58:06 PST Scanner Broakn slid baollot into scanner on request of poll workers

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 13:42:25 PST Machine to scan ballot not working. Ballots taken in back. Opened slot in machine's side, threw in there. One machine broken not sure about other side of auditorium.

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 14:35:09 PST Voter and duaghter voted using machine - when summary popped up it showed a diff. outcome - martinez instead of Caster. This also happened for daughter - smae problem. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}update from cos - {cr}{newline}She used machine 2nd from right against the back wall, daughter used machine 3rd from right. In both cases, Castor was highlighted and selected, but when reached summary screen, it said Martinez. When they reported problem, poll worked laughed, did not seem interested in doing anything about it.

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 04:28:38 PST At precinct, they gave a plastic card to put in machine. Then you had to wait in line and the line was long so many of the crrds were expiring and so you couldn't vote. They then forced you to get back in line. Many people left because they were frustrated. Followup: will call precinct and get issue fixed.

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 06:40:21 PST AccuVote voting machine is not accepting machine utilization if auxilliary ballots - some are being taken. 1/2 of the ballots are being taken, 1/2 are not. Poll workers only comment was that "the machine is just too sensitive".

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 07:46:39 PST - election precinct in Deland opened one- hour earlier - than it was supposed to{cr}{newline}- Daytona computer glitch has wiped out the voting list. Ppaer ballots are being transported back by republicans. they were supposed to be transported by one dema

Hillsborough 2004-11-02 10:00:02 PST #NAME?
Hillsborough 2004-11-02 12:07:08 PST - Tried 9-10 times to cast your presidential vote. Kept up checking wrong and delete (Bush). Happened with several voters - poll workers said he was hittin bush with other fingers - poll worker checked cables and said "hit very hard" finally registered co

Hillsborough 2004-11-13 11:26:59 PST Voter selected Kerry and the voting machine showed that they had selected Bush - it took her many tried to correct.

Hillsborough 2004-10-27 15:49:44 PST - machines switching are switching vote kerry to bush -- this ahappens prior to confirmation screen. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}- other voters complaining about the same thing

Lake 2004-11-01 10:45:42 PST - machine broke when women tried to vote {cr}{newline}- noices went off{cr}{newline}-workers turned on/off unplugged (5-10 min){cr}{newline}-voting box number 3354-BC-1{cr}{newline}- frozen at 13:15 - 446-59 time the kept appearing on machine{cr}{newline}

Lake 2004-11-04 11:33:06 PST - machine broken{cr}{newline}- stuck into slot - like trash can.

Lake 2004-11-10 08:12:24 PST Voter attempting to vote for a single office on touchscreen had other votes filled in when only one vote was selected. Poll tech voided her ballot and brought up new one so voter was able to vote. Poll clerk and tech are monitoring the situation and have not found anyone who had the same problem. Field attorneys have spoken to all involved.

Lee 2004-08-31 12:55:02 PST Computer down at precinct polling place connot give out precinct locatons because internet at precinct is down

Leon 2004-11-12 08:01:07 PST Booth # 1 - voter tried to vote and could not vote for presidential choice - the machine was restarted and voter was then able to successfully vote.

Leon 2004-11-12 08:09:36 PST Aduio only provides opportunity to vote for Bush - no other persons offered.

Leon 2004-11-12 08:39:16 PST
Leon 2004-11-12 09:20:36 PST Long lines with only 5 machines with one of those machines used for curbside voting used for the disabled. There should be more than 5 machines at this precinct

Leon 2004-11-12 09:44:23 PST voter disconcerted about computer procedures (inserting key process, etc)

Leon 2004-11-12 09:49:41 PST two voters attempted to vote to find that their card was invalidated. voter 1 was told by pollworker that she had already voted. voter 2 (patricia) also found that her card was invalidated when she inserted it. She requested to have the card revalidated. Voter 1 also had her card revalidated. Both voted.
Leon 2004-11-12 10:03:26 PST Poll worker alerted EP volunteer that a voter's summary reflected a different choice for President than she had made. She corrected and voted for her choice.

Leon 2004-11-13 10:52:59 PST
Leon 2004-11-13 11:00:07 PST Machine problem -- only let you vote for Bush

Leon 2004-11-02 07:18:50 PST 1 machine of 6 shut down. 1 other "votes for you". City clerk called as she used it herself and was able to override. Informed precinct clerk who was told there would be no new machines given.

Leon 2004-11-02 07:14:37 PST machine showed voting for persons voter did not vote for.

Leon 2004-11-02 07:33:56 PST Once she voted for her candidate, she noticed that the circle disappeared, and the poll worker asked her to push the button again and it returned. She's unsure whether her vote counted or not

Leon 2004-11-02 10:37:15 PST Caller said when he went to vote, the ballot was repeatedly pre-selected for Kerry.
Leon 2004-11-02 10:41:23 PST only six machines for 2 precincts
Leon 2004-11-02 11:00:18 PST Caller reported that the machines were not working properly. The technician was not responding to complaints by the voters.

Leon 2004-11-02 12:01:26 PST machines were pre-checked

Leon 2004-11-02 12:03:54 PST predominantly african-american precinct; witnessed two different people ask an official poll worker to assist at booth where wrong name popped up, same occurred with poll worker; voting machine technician was told by poll worker of problem, and stated that the machine was not calibrated. other problems- computer crash with problem screens on one bank of machines daisy-chained into one another. technician considered unplugging machines, told not to by supervisor or votes would be lost. technician said that batteries had been compromised.

Leon 2004-11-02 12:09:57 PST on three different screens, only one choice appeared and it was already checked; called a poll worker over who pressed pre-highlighted spot returning voter to available options; happened on 2d and 3d screens voter pressed on highlighted checked choice which returned voter to option screens. voter recounted story to supervisor or technician who said "it happens." machine not taken out of service. wife's machine had no problem.

Leon 2004-11-02 12:59:53 PST on review, machine only showed only first five of eleven pages and did not provide voter an option to return. may be another entry for this voter.

Leon 2004-11-02 13:48:50 PST voting machine crashed so poll worker reset machine
Leon 2004-11-02 13:43:42 PST only nine machines are working so lines are very long

Leon County 2004-11-02 09:23:11 PST blind voter was not able to case private vote because audio component of voting machine would not work. He did cast a vote but with the assistance of poll workers. Believes that his rights as an american were violated. Machine # 9534 did not work.

Marion 2004-11-02 04:44:39 PST Voting machine is not registering the correct candidate the voter chose i.e. voted for one candidate but the other candidate appeared (five times)

Marion 2004-11-12 06:35:16 PST Machines went down. THe battery was changed. Voters are concerned that their vote was not recorded. The Machine # is 6525 (red tag #159).

Miami 2004-11-02 12:58:48 PST Certain machines (majority of them) did not have all amendments and bond issues on the ballot. Also, wife's machine kept riverting to Spanish.

Miami Dade 2004-11-01 17:25:59 PST Voter received a call on 11/1 from a woman claiming to be from the Democratic Party. The woman told the voter that her polling place had been changed to a location which was unfamiliar to voter. As it turns out, voter's polling place has not changed, and she was able to vote, but she was very disturbed by this call. Voted noted that she is an elderly Jewish woman, and she wondered whether there had been other voters in her community who had received these types of calls.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Voter also indicated that she a lot of trouble w/ the touch screen machines. She had to press it repeatedly in order to get her vote recorded. She was ultimately able to do so, but she considered it a very cumbersome process.

Miami Dade 2004-11-02 05:54:47 PST a voter reports that the machine did not respond to human touch, and that the election worker gave the voter a pencil eraser, and he used that to touch the screen.

Miami Dade 2004-11-02 08:59:42 PST At opening of precinct, 4 of the machines were not working. Total of about 9 machines in the precinct (i.e. about 5 working). Supervisor of precinct working on it (calling in for help) at 7:15am.

Miami Dade 2004-11-02 17:08:24 PST Machine not working - voter claimed (blind) she was not offered another machine - poll worker claimed that the voter did want to use another machine

Miami Dade 2004-11-02 08:10:10 PST Machine (2nd on right) automatically jumped to Martinez after voter attempted to voter for Castor - machine would not let her change the vote or view her final vote summary.

Miami Dade 2004-11-05 13:23:01 PST Only 1 of 2 voting card machines working - 465 people have voted out of 3000 eligible
miami dade county 2004-11-02 06:39:18 PST Black precinct--only 6 machines and 1 1/2 hour wait (at 2:45pm). Voters angry, signing petitions. Assert that white precincts with fewer registered voters have more machines.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-02 04:42:19 PST Lack of awareness of what to do at the end. People are not aware that they need to hit the vote button at the end. Instructions are not clear.

Miami-Dade 2004-08-31 14:26:11 PST Voter pushed button for choice, machine indicated other candidate at the bottom of the screen, tried again, indicated again that he voted for wrong candidate, third time his selection was correctly noted.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-16 09:18:35 PST Machine changed candidate he was voting for (3rd machine from right, precinct 17M) Kerry highlighted, on review saw Brown(?) for president. Asked poll worker for help and poll worker had him start over. Voted successfully 2nd time.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-16 12:21:08 PST Voted for Kerry but machine showed Bush.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-16 12:41:31 PST After voter voted for Kerry, and when they tried to move to the next screen, if heel of hand brushed against screen, which was apaprently happening, vote switched to Nader and got cast for Nader. Kerry Poll Watcher said some had been caught and corrected, but who knows about all. Poll worker not helpful to EP mobile attorney. Was iVotronic machine

Miami-Dade 2004-11-16 12:53:39 PST Upon reviewing his vote, voter noticed wrong candidate choice appeared.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-16 13:43:30 PST Voter noticed that the wrong choices appeared as she reviewed her selection.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 10:20:05 PST Two voters, voting early, used electronic voting machine. They chose John Kerry for president but when they reviewed their choices before submitting their ballots, they found that George Bush was selected instead and they couldn't change the choice.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 10:26:00 PST Two unrelated people (taxi driver & store clerk told our volunteer they had voted on touch screens this week and screen showed they had voted for Bush when they know they voted for Kerry -- they got someone to change it before their vote was filed.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 10:34:48 PST There are not enough machines. They were promised 16, they have 8, only 6 of which are working. An Atty. was assigned to the station. Poll worker said voters were leaving.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 10:45:05 PST Voting Machine not accepting ballots. People getting upset. Asking voters to sign ballots and return later to confirm processing. Campaign workers frantically trying to call for support. Many waiting, 40-50.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 10:47:41 PST polling machines are breaking (electronic). they are supposed to have 16 machines but they only have 3 are working. people are leaving the polls. city officials are there but they are doing nothing. things are getting worse, this is the voter's second call.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 11:12:12 PST only one machine working at polls. that machine was jammed, so voter had to put her ballot in an emergency box and it was the ballot with circle fill-in. told they will be counted later. voter feels her vote is not being properly counted. concerned about the process. told by poll workers that she could return close to watch the voted being entered into machine.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 15:49:38 PST voter noticed that the ballot scanning machine read 731 before she inserted her ballot. She also noticed that it did not change after she voted - number stayed at 731. A poll worker on the scene said that the number changed but she disagrees.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 16:49:16 PST only one voting machine and it is not working. someone is supposed to come and fix it. over 200 people leaving.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 17:18:59 PST When voter went to machine, it showed 731 people voted. After she cast her vote, it still showed 731 votes cast. The poll worker just blew her off, but she does not think her vote was counted. (voted approx 5:55 PM)

Miami-Dade 2004-11-17 17:22:58 PST Voted for "Castor" on electronic screen, but "Martinez" came up on summary screen. Told poll worker, but is worried that machine is not working.

MIami-Dade 2004-11-02 15:52:14 PST The choices for state and county races never came up on the computer screen.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Could not vote for Congress, state senate, state rep., county commissioner.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-02 17:07:10 PST At review screen, selection changed from Kerry to Bush "before my eyes" as voter pushed red button just before. Voter filed complaint with Kerry lawyer in polling place and told poll worker of problem, who said, "nothing could be done."

Miami-Dade 2004-11-03 13:05:57 PST Voter voted- confirmation screen came up with different results than what he had selected. Voter is concerned that the same problem is happening with other voters who don't check the confirmation screen. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}Second voting machne from the end

Miami-Dade 2004-11-02 10:29:03 PST 3 or more women told person they voted "down the street" (precinct 39V) from the post office at 4429 Hollywood Blvd. They voted for Kerry but the name Bush came up on the sceen at the end, when they voted, when vote was processed

Miami-Dade 2004-11-01 09:59:14 PST Voter pressed "Kerry" on machine, but another name was indicated on the summary page. Voter was able to review & change the vote satisfactorily.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-02 11:46:35 PST I voted for Kerry and after the screen ask me to write in my vote. I ask a poll worker to assist me. The pollworker ask the repairman and I was allow to vote.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-02 07:47:09 PST Reviewed summary. Pushed red button candidates switched for president.

miami-dade 2004-11-02 13:42:55 PST Difficulty understanding the vocabulary used in the amendment sections

miami-dade 2004-11-02 15:36:38 PST Upon reviewing her ballot before casting her vote, the voter noticed that "Bush/Cheney" appeared even though she had chosen "Kerry/Edwards".

Miami-Dade 2004-11-05 12:12:54 PST Caller has difficulty reading, so she invited me to accompanyher into the voting booth. Three times she touched the Kerry/Edwards frame on her screen and the machine did not highlight her selection. She was only able to correct this on the final screen that listed her selections. teh "change" directions were very small and easy to miss at the top of the screen. Caller was able to vote for Kerry/Edwards usiing this screen. Which directed her back to the original screen presidential vote screen. This time the machine accepted her selection.

Miami-Dade 2004-11-14 13:19:20 PST Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up immediately. I called for help. Woman/precinct worker told him to touch screen for Bush and it popped up again for Kerry. Successfully voted for Kerry on second time trying.

Miami-Dade County 2004-11-02 10:31:15 PST Computer had him "stumped". No instruction on how to change an incorrect vote. If there is a wrong choice, there is no explicit option to change it.

Millsborough 2004-11-02 04:37:36 PST She pressed "yes" on one of the questions and "no" came up on the screen.
none given 2004-11-02 15:03:35 PST One of ten machines not working. All machines working as of 7:42.

orange 2004-11-02 04:58:55 PST voted yes on a question and screen said no.

Orange 2004-11-04 13:30:55 PST Selected John Kerry/ green check came up in George Bush's name. Called over poll worker and they got creen to read John Kerry. She stated "it made me wonder if the machines are rigged."

Orange 2004-11-05 07:47:44 PST
Orange 2004-11-02 12:56:56 PST Checked allnames but says "no reply" due not record choice for amendments.

Orange 2004-11-10 11:30:03 PST Democratic poll watcher reported that 6 machines have gine off regular power and onto the battery then get messge "battery low" the reboots. Unsure whether or not votes are being lost. Poll workers believe they are not.

Orange 2004-11-02 06:08:15 PST Republican name for commissioner came up checked. Happened twice: once husband then wife. Same machine.

orange 2004-11-02 13:17:45 PST Caller is an election clerk{cr}{newline}Pressed no and yes came up. Corrected itself with election workers help.

Orange 2004-11-12 08:57:30 PST Made selection for president went
to review entry did not show up. Asked for help to cast out. Told he already voted.

Orange 2004-11-12 09:07:22 PST One machine malfunction - selections already made when get to machine - can change selections but sometimes needed to press several times - poll workers refuse to shut down machine/take offline

Orange 2004-11-12 09:12:05 PST Sequoia Edge machine switched from English to Spanish in middle. The voter was able to get the machine to switch back to English and resume voting.

Orange 2004-11-12 09:23:28 PST Punched one person for President, another name came out in review. She was able to correct it. Also moved to next steps before she had pressed.

Orange 2004-11-16 08:11:07 PST Machine would not accept vote on first 4 or 5 tries on several lines. Needed help to punch it.

Orange 2004-11-17 06:47:02 PST While voting for Presidential candidate Kerry - had problems with accessing his name. Bush's name kept popping and taking "priority". On the review however it showed Kerry so voter completed vote.

Orange City, FL 2004-11-02 04:55:56 PST Had problems getting Eggleston's name on machine.

Osceola 2004-11-05 08:06:06 PST pressed english - on 3rd screen became spanish - she went back to the beginning

palm beach 2004-08-31 14:43:45 PST Voting machine took numerous taps to enter selection

Palm Beach 2004-08-31 14:08:19 PST fixed machines. took 3 hours. can't they demand paper ballots

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 06:42:20 PST Wrong mane came up- complained but was told nothing could be done.

Palm Beach 2004-11-01 12:12:21 PST Voter withdrew card before "green screen" appeared. Did not know if her vote would count. Was told by official that her vote would count.

Palm Beach 2004-10-25 11:56:47 PST Person same out and said no place to vote for House unopposed race.

Palm Beach 2004-10-30 09:33:37 PST 5 of 6 machines not working; voter estimates voters presently on line will have to wait at least 3 hours. 10:20am machines back up for now 4pm- still working

Palm Beach 2004-11-05 13:26:56 PST Voter touched "Kerry" and Bush's name registered. I called poll worker and she told me how to erase Bush's name. We know of three today - maybe more!

Palm Beach 2004-11-04 12:51:51 PST Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up. Immediately called for help. Woman/precinct worker told him to touch screen on Bush and it popped up again for Kerry. Sucessfully voted for Kerry on second time.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 09:15:02 PST Batteries runniing power in all machines goes off battery low and reboot. Reboot-believes no votes lost trying to reach Elections Board.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 11:30:18 PST One machine down.
Palm Beach 2004-11-02 11:34:55 PST Four out of 6 machines down. 100 people in lince and people are leaving.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 13:24:47 PST Computers had him "stumped". No instructions on how to change an incorrect vote. If there is a wrong choice, there is not explicit option to change it.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 15:58:36 PST Voter went through entire process to the review screen. The review screen initially displayed voter's choices, but then the screen flashed and the selections had completely changed. The voter went back through the selections to correct the changes and was able to cast vote correctly.

Palm Beach 2004-11-01 10:06:22 PST Voter proceding to next screen to make their choices when one of the fours selections checked itself without their having touched the screen. Voter was able to go back and then returned to make their own selections.

Palm beach 2004-11-02 10:51:19 PST The ballot counter macgine was not working. Has to insert ballot in an alternative route.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 14:41:34 PST President - had to press 3 or 4 times before Libertarian then next time right choice. Mancine on end near hallway. Trouble with one other.

palm beach 2004-11-02 11:23:18 PST Voting machine #05804. 2 amendments did not show up - never got a chance to vote for the 3rd amendment never showed. When she told the poll workers, they said the 3rd amendment was for Boca Raton.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:12:29 PST Ballots were being inserted ina side slot instead of on teh electronic machine due to a low battery.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:22:41 PST One machine consistenly read low battery. Voters were told to place ballots on side.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:27:30 PST Voter indicated YES on two items went to next screen, then back. The YES was gone. Voter re-cast that vote.{cr}{newline}At review screen everything was accurate. {cr}{newline}Voter reported it to pollworker. Poll worker's response was "Oh it happens sometimes!"

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:39:49 PST Some people vote Bush instead of Kerry - concept of callabration - okay understand - works on second time. Democratic poll watcher inside aware of the prolbem.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:45:01 PST Machines are not bringing up amendment 1 or registering votes for this constitutional amendment. All machines in 5114 have this problem. 5116 and 5118 are also a problem. Not enough poll workers

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:51:04 PST before 8 AM - Voting machine in 6Z precinct not working.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}8:40 AM - Deputy poll official asked me to go inside to help because they were not able to get through to HQ to get machine fixed. The head poll clerk told me it was fixed. The poll clerk for the precinct itself said it HAD been fixed but broke again. Someone came to check and fixed it, but it broke again, and they couldn't get through to report it the 2nd time.{cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}At that point the Republican poll worker advised them that I was not authorized to be inside. I was asked to leave. A few minutes later, polling clerk came out and yelled at me and the others to stay out. He calmed down and spoke to the Kerry lawyer, about the problem getting provisional ballots. {cr}{newline}{cr}{newline}9:15 AM - machine still broken

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 08:59:53 PST Voter reported that prior to end of her vote, the card popped out during the recording stage. She reported it to the poll worker who said it was ok but card should not have popped out.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 09:07:20 PST Machine #1 sticks, will not hold the vote as marked - switches after a number of tries, made intended vote sometimes hold. On the review of the ballot, many of the votes are erased. Machine #5 is still down. This is the second complaint on this machine in about 1 hour. There is someone in the polling place working on the other machine that is down but this machine is still being used.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 09:37:47 PST Voter tried to vote "yes" on an issue and the "no" kept illuminating on screen. Voter called over a poll worker who hit the screen a number of times and finally got the "yes" to stay illuminated. Then at the end of the ballot when she tried to review her ballot, she found half the things she had voted for were not voted. She tried again and couldn't make it work. She voted as best she could.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 10:06:39 PST Machine shut down while processing vote.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 10:12:41 PST Reports of malfunctioning machines. One is down affecting the others. 3 incidents of incorrect precinct reports.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 10:55:11 PST Automatic ballot counter suspected of not have counted ballot properly.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 11:22:54 PST A ballot box was malfunctioning it was spitting some ballots back out because the section that has to be torn off was not torn perfectly.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 11:30:54 PST Last election she was given a voter guide that looked just like the real ballot but was filled out for one sides position. She was also handed a voters guide this year when already inside the polling place. Voter inserted ballot into machine and the machine counter was supposed to change but did not. The # was 834 when she approached and should have increased to 835 but didnt.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 11:34:02 PST Voter was not able to vote due to machine /poll worker. Her claim was that she went through proper procedures and pulled her ballot through the machine and it came back and did not go through she is very upset because her vote may not be counted unless she goes through some type of procedure. She had to leave for work.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 11:45:08 PST Went in to vote and machines close to door of approximately for 8 were broken. Press once changed presidential vote. She had to press repeatedly to get back to the vote she wanted.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 11:49:39 PST Had a difficult time getting the President selected- he pushed numerous times and nothing appeared (not a problem with other ballot pages). Eventaully did get his choice but was frustrated.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 12:27:35 PST Unknown name came up on review screen, Walter F. Browne - after Kerry selected. Asked for help from election's worker, who suggested he do it over. He retried, got same result, and finalized vote without accurate screen.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 12:49:32 PST Machine to accept ballots in not working.

palm beach 2004-11-11 13:43:39 PST The voting machine stopped working. Voter and 30+ other persons manually inserted ballots. They were told that their votes would be counted later and that someone was coming to fix the machine.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 13:51:25 PST Printing on voting machines too smal/hard to read.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 14:01:20 PST The mumber on the machine did not change when her ballot was counted. It started at 275 and remained at 275 after the ballot was cast.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 14:05:35 PST she cast her ballot but the machine did not accept her card. she had to darken one slot (entry?) to gain acceptance. it was the presidential slot.

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 14:12:32 PST Report that some of the machines are not working at this precint

Palm Beach 2004-11-11 14:50:49 PST Machine did not count ballot. Put ballot in machine and number didn't change from 306. Her ballot should have changed to 307. Lady inside told her it was counted.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 06:29:56 PST Machine kicked out ballot twice
Palm Beach 2004-11-12 06:54:46 PST Scan machine not working; voters told to mark ballots and leave them for later processing. Wash Elec Pro recommends monitor was looking to be careful about overvotes. Roving lawyer should talk to clerk re security of.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 06:57:02 PST Ballot machine not working
Palm Beach 2004-11-12 06:58:36 PST 1 machine down. 6-5...for no long lines but concern

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 07:00:58 PST voter hit kerry button and check mark appeared next to bush. voter contacted poll worker to correct problem but the same thing happened whe she vote the rest of the ballot. she had help and was able to fix ballot before she left, but was concerned.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 07:35:11 PST The square she pressed was not selecting anything. She had to select outside the box to almost another candidate. She requested assistance from a pollworker, "Just press the one that lights up" they instructed. She had to try and cancel three times before the correct candidate was highlighted.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 07:49:03 PST Husband chose to vote in English; machine wasn't working in English, so had to vote in Spanish but concerned would be a problem for other non-Spanish speaking voters.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 07:51:46 PST Voter had an incomplete ballot; poll worker could not confirm or assist (missing Congressinal rep, St. Senator, St. Rep, Cty. Commissioners); furthest machine to left.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 08:05:44 PST Early voted in Tamarac at 5:55 p.m. after waiting five hours. Pollworkers were re-setting machines between voters. He wants to know if his vote was erased.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 08:40:42 PST The vote selected on the machine was not the choice the voter wanted. When asked to confirm the candidate that came up was not the candidate selected.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 08:58:48 PST One machine; told by Kerry monitor that when people voting for Kerry push "summarize".
Another candidate's anme shows up. Poll workers said, "didn't push hard enough." Said tech repairman has been dispatched.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:02:55 PST Voter needed help with machine when poll worker came over, the review screen was up but had no ballots cast (no candidates issues checked). The poll worker hit the red vote button and voted the voter's blank ballot.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:08:22 PST Voted at Veteran's Park. When pushed screen a selection was made that was not wanted. machine malfunction.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:12:05 PST A person informed me of a friend who voted. The completed screen (precinct unknown) on the "review ballot" page wrongly stated that the voter had voted for Bush when the voter had selected Kerry. The voter reported this to an election official who responded, "Yes, that machine has been doing that all day."

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:15:22 PST She had to select presidential choice 2x before correct choice was reflected. Got help from poll worker; successfully voted. Voted Bush, Kerry got highlighted. Can't remember which machine, maybe 2nd/3rd from right.

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 09:17:35 PST #1 machine @ Charter School, Pembroke Rd., woul dnot give choices for senators or representatives. Machine simply cut off mid-vote. Machine very slow. Asked for help, poll worker wouldn't let her explain problem; just said, "you're finished, press the red button."

Palm Beach 2004-11-12 12:22:22 PST Not enough voter machine.
Palm Beach 2004-11-12 12:26:33 PST The voting machines are running low of battery power with no back up. also they do not have any affirmation forms.

Palm Beach 2004-11-02 15:48:27 PST Voted for a candidate but other name came up several times. In another instance pressed the Democrat & the Republican came up.

Palm Beach Co. 2004-10-31 11:45:13 PST This problem has more to do with the operation of the machine than the machine itself. The cartridge was not taken out of the machine in a timely fashion. It was left in it.

Palm Beach County 2004-10-21 10:40:38 PST Legislators name not on ballot

Palm Beach County 2004-11-02 12:42:24 PST Machine beeped two times. Poll worker said that it might be because of the type of ink.
palm beach county 2004-11-02 08:40:06 PST One of the scanning machines broke down. Tabulator got jammed for a few minutes...then voting proceeded. 10:40 tabulator went down again. 11:35 tabulator works again. 15-25 ballots are in lock box and democratic poll worker says they will take to supervisor at the end of the day.

Palm Beach County 2004-11-02 05:07:24 PST A computer was down so that poll worker could not help voter find her precinct.

Pasco County 2004-10-31 12:18:35 PST Voter told that the machine, read out was "over vote". Poll worker took it asde and resubmitted it again and then pollworker overrode machine Was not spit out again. Man in front of him had his spit out as well.
pineallas 2004-11-03 12:03:12 PST Machine beeped and requested the ballot. Voter was told to fill out a new ballot or vote the "beeping" ballot. Went to supervisor after three people had determined that the ballot was correctly filled out, and voter was able to vote the original ballot.

Pinellas 2004-11-02 11:37:45 PST Cant verify address if at the wrong precinct.

Polk 2004-11-04 11:59:11 PST Scanner will not accept ballot. Ballots are being placed in box under machine.
Polk 2004-11-04 12:57:33 PST She also observed this happening to other
Polk 2004-11-05 11:24:37 PST Machine not working; people are putting their ballots on the side of the machine for collection
Polk 2004-11-04 11:41:04 PST Machine not working; collecting ballots on the side of the machine
Polk Co 2004-11-12 06:29:10 PST Voter reported ballots not being scanned; told that there was a problem with the machine. Worried that vote will not be counted.

Putnam 2004-11-04 13:37:11 PST Voter reported that he did not see the counter on the scanning machine advance when ballot run through; worried that ballot not actually scanned.

Sarasota 2004-10-22 08:00:08 PST Voter reported that ballots were not being scanned through the machine. Poll workers said votes would be counted after all had been cast and polls closed. Worried vote will not be counted.
Sarasota 2004-11-02 07:46:06 PST Ballot was rejected from scanning machine 4 times; placed off to the side to be counted later, along with ballot of woman in front of her in line. Worried that ballot will not be counted.

Seminole 2004-11-02 14:47:06 PST Machine appears to be rejecting ballots two or three times before accepting the ballots. Is there a problem with the ballots?
Seminole County 2004-11-02 08:10:29 PST Ballots not being accepted by scanners. Required multiple attempts. Some poll workers said it was because of blue ink but problems occurred even with blue ink.

Volusia 2004-11-02 09:56:48 PST Ballots not being counted when voters complete ballots. Voter worried that her vote will not be counted. Poll workers claim machine down.
Volusia 2004-11-02 17:57:26 PST Election Protection worker reported that machine down at polling location; ballots collected so that tallies may be recorded later.
Venutian (Volucia?) 2004-11-02 06:44:47 PST Voter concerned because ballots not being scanned through machines; worried that vote will not be counted.
Volucia COunty 2004-11-02 05:58:30 PST Voter had an incomplete ballot - the section for