Kenny and his vegetable oil powered Passat.

Ken Oldrid

Green Diesels by Ken Oldrid

Interested in having your diesel converted to run on vegetable oil?

Local resident Ken Oldrid has experience converting most major diesel vehicles sold in the US, including VW, Mercedes, Chevy and GMC. Ken has become the expert on vegetable oil retrofits in the area, with approximately 50 cars converted, including the Solar Bus!

Ken offers a unique variety of services relating to diesel cars and vegetable oil fuel systems, including vegetable oil conversions, and diesel car finding services. He often has a diesel car or two available for sale, sometimes already running on vegetable oil.

When Ken turns your vehicle into a vegetable oil burning machine, he will work with you at the level you prefer. If you have the time and interest, you can work with him and learn about the system as it is installed. Or if you're too busy you can drop off your car and pick it up a few days later, all ready to go.

Visit Ken's new website for much more information: