Solar Bus Newsletters

A great way to stay in touch with us, and up-to-date on important subjects, is to receive our free newsletters. We understand the email and spam problem and pledge to these principles:
  • Our newsletters are educational and informative, they are not focused on products or sales.
  • We keep our newsletters to a minimum. We won't flood your email box with repetitive announcements or irrelevant information. Our newsletters go out only a few times a year. The lower frequency of our newsletters enables us to focus our attention only on the important stories that might get overlooked in the mainstream media.
  • We never sell, trade, or share your email address to anyone, period.
  • You can be removed from our newsletter lists at any time.
  • We offer a few different newsletters, so that you can pick and choose the information that interests you. You can sign up for any or all of the following:

    • On the Bus: The Newsletter of the Solar Bus
      This newsletter keeps you informed about the Solar Bus project - the events we will be attending, our projects, mechanic's corner, and other topics that relate directly to the bus. Once or twice a year we publish a slideshow or video of our recent travels and we share them through this newsletter.
    • Green Earth News
      This newsletter will keep you informed about new renewable energy technologies, global warming, the environment, and related legislation.
    • Progressive Politics
      This newsletter will keep you informed about progressive political issues such as social justice, election reform, human rights, and peace.
    • Spirituality and Peace
      The Solar Bus is the sister project of the Harmony Institute which focuses on spirituality and world peace. Subjects include meditation, self-hypnosis, truth-seeking, spirituality, comparative religion, etc.
    • Vermont Newsletter
      If you live in Vermont, this newsletter will keep you informed about environmental and social issues that pertain mainly to our state.
To sign up for any of our newsletters, simply send an email to us and let us know which one(s) you want to receive.