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6-In-1 Educational Solar Kit

6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

Very cool kit. My favorite is the airplane.

6-In-1 Educational Solar Kit is an excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Use the 21 snap together parts - no tools required - to build six different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy and two different planes. Only one project can be completed at a time. NO BATTERIES NEEDED of course.

Teach kids the benefits of solar energy - in a fun and imaginative way. Winner of the Dr. Toy award, kids can learn to build six different models with one kit. They'll even learn how solar power is used to help drive a small motor. It's a great way to get kids involved in the technology of today. Includes 33 pieces with solar module and gearbox that can transform into 2 different planes, airboat, car, solar windmill and puppy. Solar life 3-5 years. For ages 10 and up.

Here's a video:

6 in 1 Solar Kit: $19.50
Solar Bullet Train

Solar Bullet Train

We love this little solar train. Check it out! Here's a video that shows how easy it is for kids to learn about solar energy.

This kit entices students and train enthusiasts alike to learn about the environmental benefits of renewable energy. Two interlocking cars attach to the engine, allowing young builders to focus on self-motivation, perseverance and manipulation. The Solar Bullet Train is an excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Its 18 parts snap together and are secured with only four screws. Train enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy building this amazingly fast train and watch it travel without rails.

We put some scotch tape on one side of the train to keep it turning in the same direction so it drives around in circles. very cool.! Here's a video:
Solar Bullet Train: $12.50
Solar Race Car!

ZOOOOOOMM! Super Solar Racing Car has surprising speed. You can control this speedster from any dangerous mishaps by shielding its power source and immediately depressing its brakes to stop. Super Solar Racing Car is easy to assemble and demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries and tools required and less than a dozen parts to assemble.

SPECIFICATIONS Solar Panel Output : 1.1V x 50mA Assembled Size : 55mm x 41.8mm x 14mm Unit Weight : 8.6g Motor : DC Power Consumption : 1.2V x 10mA

No Batteries Required - Includes Solar Cell!

Click here for a video demonstration!
Solar Car: $11.50
Young astronomers will delight in OWI’s newest Mini Solar Kit – as they build, paint and watch their very own Solar System come to life with real solar energy. Planets orbit around the solar-paneled “sun” that drives a motor so the planets actually move. This excellent educational solar kit provides a hands-on lesson about how solar power drives a motor. The kit comes with 6 colors of opaque acrylic paint, plus brush—which makes for the perfect exercise in science and creativity.

This item was featured in Educational Dealer Magazine as “one of the items most ordered at the NSSEA show…Great New Products from Ed Expo 2010”.
Solar System: $18.50
Solar Crab!

Methodically, eight legs work in harmony to create a ballet style “tippy-toe” movement. Walking King Crab is the next logical kit if you have already assembled the Super Solar Racing Car or the Frightened Grasshopper . It is powered by a mini solar cell (included) and demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries required and less than thirty-five parts to assemble.

Solar Panel Output : 1.1V x 75mA
Assembled Size : 90mm x 76mm x 78mm
Unit Weight : 40g
Solar Cell Life : 2 yrs in normal use
Motor : DC
Power Consumption : 1.2V x 10mA

Click here for a video demonstration!
Solar Crab: $13.50
We always put the solar grasshopper out on display when we attend public festivals. Kids always stop to check it out and end up learning a lot about solar energy. The grasshopper is a kit - it only takes a few minutes to easliy put it together. Then, the grasshopper dances "the jitterbug" whenever the sun shines on it! Solar Grasshopper: $11.50
The solar frog is another hit at public festivals. Actually we leave the grasshopper and frog out together in a little "arena" and let them have at it. We're not sure if they're dancing or wrestling, but it's fun to watch and very educational. While the grasshopper does a "spaztic" dance, the frog hops in a fairly straight line. Solar Grasshopper: $13.50
This is one way anyone can use solar energy. The use of disposable batteries is one of the most wasteful and polluting technologies there is. But it's easy to quit the habit! The first step is to start using rechargeable batteries. The good news is that the technology has improved a lot in the last few years. The batteries have much more capacity, so they last longer on each charge. And, the problems with "memory" have been fixed too, particularly if you use NiMH batteries, instead of NiCd.

Once you're using rechargeables, the next step is to Go Solar! This portable charger will charge your AA rechargeable batteries, just from the sun! Charge time depends on the capacity and quantity of batteries you're charging, and the amount of sun. For practical purposes, since it can take longer to charge on solar, we recommend that you have two sets of AA rechargeables -- so you can charge up one set while you're using the other. That way you'll always have solar charged batteries ready to go!

A well made basic solar battery charger for 4 AA NiMh or NiCd batteries. Includes meter that shows you the strength of the solar energy that is charging your batteries. Includes blocking diode to prevent energy discharge at night.

Charges at maximum 160mA. 1 AA battery will charge at maximum current, 2 batteries will charge at 80mA, 3 batteries would charge at about 50mA and 4 batteries would charge at 40mA per hour of sun. 2 AA 800mAH batteries would charge in about 10 hours of full sun. Weather-resistant. Measures approx. 3" X 6" X 1.5" and weighs approximately a half pound.
Solar AA Battery Charger: $15
Temporarily out of stock
This is the "hottest" product we sell, literally! The Solar Spark Lighter is the world's only pocket size solar lighter. It is actually a stainless steel parabolic mirror, just like the one used to light the Olympic torch in Athens.

It is designed to focus the suns radiant energy to a precise focal point which can reach hundreds of degrees! We find we can light a stick of incense in just 2 seconds when the sun is shining!
Solar Spark Lighter: $13.50 Temporarily Out