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Electile Dysfunction

"Electile Dysfunction" is a 55 minute invesigative documentary film by Penny Little exploring the story behind the scenes of the November 2004 Presidential election, showing a complicated and technical subject in lively montage style, interviews interlaced with dark humor, short animations and musical interludes.

"Electile Dysfunction" is an overview of the myriad of problems with the US 2004 Presidental election -- from electronic voting machines, disenfranchisement of voters, fraud, to exit poll manipulation, and the right to have our votes counted with an emphasis on the role electronic voting machines. Beginning with historical interviews in 2003 from people in the street, celebrities and experts, background information on electronic voting machines, the storyline moves to the role the media plays, felon purge lists as a means to disenfranchise voters, a stolen election in Alabama 2002, and then on to irregularities in Florida and Ohio, in the November 2004 election.

Featured in Electile Dysfunction are: Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Victor Navasky, Jim Hightower, William Rivers Pitt, David Dill, the US Congressional Representative John Conyers and his Team, prominent computer scientists, celebrities, journalists, civil rights organizations, voting rights watchdogs, international poll watchers, election officials and everyday voters.

"Electile Dysfunction" can be used to promote election reform and encourage individuals and organizations to come up with their own ‘calls for action’ on election reform for the future.

Bush's Brain
A Documentary about Karl Rove

Who's really running the country? Learn about the long history of dirty tricks, from the "man behind the curtain" - Karl Rove.

Invisible Ballots
A Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud

This is the movie that will raise the eyebrows of any American who thinks we have open and fair elections. Topics covered include: History of voting systems, The Help America Vote Act, Problems with electronic voting, Errors & glitches in real elections, Fraud and tampering, Conflicts of interest, Should voting be privatized?, Honesty, oversight, transparency, The need for skilled poll workers, The voter-verified paper ballot.

The DVD contains two versions: A feature-length 90-minute program and a 50-minute version for public presentations where time is limited.

WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception
Think you can trust the media? Think again.

Filmmaker Danny Schechter brings some impressive credentials to his documentary film "Weapons of Mass Deception." Schechter, a former producer for both CNN and ABC, argues that the American media has a sycophantic relationship with the Bush administration to push a pro-war agenda on the American public. According to Schechter, in the period leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the news media was doing little more than "cheerleading." Schechter argues that there was "one storyline in the media"--the ever elusive WMD, and that the Pentagon made "media management a priority." This argument is backed up with facts and figures as news analysts dissect and examine the stories leading up to the war and reveal that only 3% of the analyzed mainstream news sources were anti-war. Now, more than 2 years into a war that was ill advised and reckless, with body counts mounting, and no end in sight in Iraq, some news sources are sheepishly admitting that their coverage of the facts before the war was less than perfect.